Why is Infant Stimulation important for new born children

When we talk about infant stimulation, there are many different question that comes in mind. Why should we start infant stimulation? I mean you parents must be thinking to yourself, “My little one is not even born yet and I need to teach it something?” The answer to this question is yes. While babies are so helpless at this stage, they can learn a lot from visual stimuli.


Baby's brain does the most growing in the first two years of life so it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to provide stimulation. Early learning or infant stimulation can help parents understand best way to stimulate their children. Studies have shown that babies who were stimulated had a head start over those who weren't and were ahead in language development and motor skills, as well as having better social skills.

It is important to ask your pediatrician what kinds of stimulation are helpful and safe for baby and learn how to do so properly.

Baby's eyesight starts developing at birth, so utilizing visual stimulation cards can be helpful in the future development of the child.

While infants don't have a full range of vision they can see in color at birth and will focus on objects 8-12 inches away.

Infants also have trouble focusing on things up close.

Takeaway: Early childhood stimulation not only helps babies learn but also helps parents understand their child's development and needs better.

Stimulating infants can help with the development of their senses.

Takeaway: Stimulation can aid in the overall development of your child.

Infant stimulation is critical because the brain of an infant is developing most rapidly in the early stages of life. The first twelve months are when your baby's brain grows to 90 percent of its size.

Visual stimulation is important so they can see high contrast patterns and focus on images that are close to their face. They can then recognize the people around them and want to interact with them.

Stimulating a new born child helps develop their brain and make neural connections that allow them to learn things like talking, walking and even emotions.

Early learning is more important than you might think because it gives your children an edge at school that they will carry with them forever.

Takeaway: It turns out that infant stimulation cards make a big difference.

Infant stimulation allows parents to interact with their children

Parent-child interaction helps facilitate infant learning and development.

Infant stimulation allows for the development of social and language skills.

Infant stimulation encourages cognitive skills in early childhood.

Infant stimulation encourages motor development and sensory skills.

Infant stimulation promotes focus and attention span, as well as visual processing abilities.

Early learning through infant stimulation is a positive experience for both parent and child, helping to prepare the child for school while strengthening the family bond.

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